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Local Harvest, A Resource


I want to share a great resource – Local Harvest. It’s the place to start if you’re looking for farmers’ markets, CSAs (community supported agriculture), family farms or other sources for fresh produce and grass-fed meats in your area. You can also find markets and restaurants in your community that are sourcing locally, discussion forums, a calendar of farming/food events and find out what’s growing around you right now.

Fresh food is more nutritious and helps your local economy. It’s better for the environment. It just makes sense, don’t you think? And knowing the farm where your Sunday supper chicken roamed provides a meaningful connection to your food and security in witnessing the method by which it came to rest on your plate and the principles behind the operation. I prefer a happy chicken.

Go find a pumpkin patch…
Or some fresh veggies before the frost…
Happy cows.
This guy is definitely happy.

Send your family some local honey for Christmas!

All pictures from Local Harvest website

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