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Farmers’ Market and Friends


One of my favorite people in the whole world came to visit last weekend. She has started a lovely life of studying opera only three hours away in Lawrence, Kansas. Kristen and I met an ocean away in Moshi, Tanzania, and it was an immediate connection. She is brilliant and kind and full of radiant life. It’s a comfort having her so close as we have been separated by many miles since our return from Africa.

Our exploration on Saturday began with a trip to the farmers’ market. A good farmers’ market is one of my most treasured places. Fresh fruits and vegetables, homemade jams and pestos, bouquets of herbs–a thread of locality running through the hum of the crowd. Farmers and neighbors shaking hands with an unspoken respect for hard work, loyalty and a commitment to quality.

This market season is nearing an end but so goes the bliss of balance. With empty farm stands and bitter winds approaching, I’ll savor the memory of this harvest and await the next.

Our little neighborhood is called Old Market, and it’s quite charming. Kristen captured some vibrant pictures of the market’s offerings and our dinner at La Buvette:

Love is a day at the market, a lumpy irregular pumpkin and a simple meal with friends.

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